Reablement is a six-week intensive support programme to maximise independence following an illness, hospitalisation or an accident. Reablement takes a person centred approach which aims to maximise independence to allow people to live at home for longer and to reduce the need for support. Our Reablement Team which includes Occupational Therapists and Social Care Support staff will closely work together to help you perform necessary daily living skills such as mobility, personal care, preparing meals and building confidence. 


How can I be referred to the Reablement Service?

A Health and Social Care Professional will decide if you are appropriate for the Reablement Service and will make a referral.

What will happen once I am referred?

Our Occupational Therapist will carry out an assessment of your needs,this will assess your daily living activities and will identify your care requirements. Our Social Care Support Staff will then work with you to help you live as independently as possible.

What happens when my Reablement plan finishes?

After a period of Reablement, many people can live independently in their own homes without the need for social care support. If you still have ongoing needs, a meeting will be arranged with your Occupational Therapist who will identify any further services required.

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